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The techquarter way

We’re a results-driven team of engineering and creative professionals with a knack for innovation and using the latest technologies to help enterprises achieve digital transformation. ​

So far, we’ve built robust systems for players in solar, financial, ecommerce, education and mobility industries.​


What started as a couple of technical teams building fixed-scope projects using bleeding edge tech for a portfolio of clients across the US & Australia soon turned into a fully formed customer-centric tech organization offering challenging positions for colleagues and constant growth at competitive prices for our clients. ​

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What guides us

Our mission is to help build cutting-edge software solutions specifically designed to improve operational efficiency, increase productivity, help alleviate costs, and enhance customer experience, thus unlocking our client’s digital acceleration potential.

our values


Quality in software development comes from truly understanding the client’s niche, industry and specifics. In doing so, we strive to intentionally act with the client at core. We focus not only on the quality of the products and solutions we deliver but, also on the experience clients have with us, while we work together.

Innovation as
a Collective Mindset

We are intentional and thoughtful about creating a culture of innovation, where everyone feels empowered to think outside the box and come up with new ideas. This is the key to staying ahead of the curve and delivering the best possible products and services to our customers and staying on top of the latest technologies.

as a key driver

When starting a project, we always think just how important it is to focus not just on sharing the results but to fully embrace the journey together towards them, as a team sharing common goals and achieving milestones together.

our footprint

Headquarters in Cluj-Napoca

With a versed talent pool and a beneficial business environment, we have our main ​development offices in Central-Eastern Europe and point of contact in close-to-client locations in the UK and US.

Client Locations

By employing top talent, we deliver exceptional results through solid solutions to our clients in the US, UK and Australia. ​

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