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Colleague Spotlight Series: Meet Lorena Moraru, QA Engineer

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clock 10/06/2024

Lorena might not be the happiest person alive to meet a flesh and exoskeleton bug, but she never backs down from deliberately looking for digital ones. 

Enthusiast about developing new skills, she is curious about new technologies and automation testing tools.

Read on and get to know her! 


Bianca Cornaciu [BC]: What do you like most about quality assurance and what led you to choose this career path?

Lorena Moraru [LM]: First of all, I like that it was something new for me and quite different from what I learned at university. I can say that I chose this career path out of curiosity and the desire to discover it. I like that I have to pay attention to details, to think from a different perspective, to make sure that everything is as it should be, to collaborate with the team, to be creative and all above all I like to know that my work helps to deliver reliable and high-quality products to customers.

[BC]: What has been the most challenging project you’ve worked on so far in TechQuarter, and what made it rewarding? 

[LM]: The project I am part of now. It was challenging in the beginning because it was something new for me, a project with a large team and within which many changes were made along the way. But it was rewarding because I met wonderful people from whom I had and still have a lot to learn.

[BC]: Can you share an example of a particularly complex problem you’ve solved in your career, and how it impacted the project you work on?

[LM]: I don’t have a concrete example from my career yet, but I can say that I have encountered many problems in college that helped me understand how to manage and solve certain situations. Team projects and studying with friends helped me understand teamwork dynamics and adapt to new environments.

Learnings and Field Predictions

[BC]: In the ever-evolving field of technology, how do you keep your skills sharp and stay up to date with industry trends?

[LM]: As I am still at the beginning of this career and I have a lot to learn, I try to gain as much knowledge as possible by following tutorials and reading information or new concepts from different sites dedicated to learning software testing.

[BC]: Looking towards the future, which emerging web technologies or trends are you most excited about and potentially looking to work with? What are your predictions in this area for the next 3-5 years?

[LM]: I can’t say that it would be a specific technology to work with, but I can say that in the future I want to develop my knowledge as much as possible regarding automation testing and to be able to use more automation tools. In the next 3-5 years I assume that I will be more confident, I will have much more knowledge in this field so that I can share the information with the rest of the community.

Leisure Time and Hobbies

[BC]: Can you recommend a book, movie or article that has inspired you recently?

[LM]: A documentary series that inspired me recently is “Dear Mama”.

[BC]: Do you have any hobby/ activity that helps you unwind and relax?

I usually watch stand-up shows or series to relax. Also, walking and outings in nature give me a good mood. And music and photography are my main hobbies.

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