Streamlining Recruitment with Mobile Development

clock 23/08/2023

Connect all the dots on the go

Back in 2018, the founding team of an education startup have identified a large problem in the international study market. At that time there was no efficient, reliable way for students, recruiters and institutions to collaborate and transact seamlessly with each other. With an existing easy-to-use platform for web, they now needed a technical partner who could create the mobile companion app to help recruiters and students on the go.

Mobile development to the rescue

By offering our expertise in mobile development and product design, we helped build a comprehensive mobile app where recruiter customers could scan, upload and preview documents directly on their phone, see student profiles and academic results, view courses that the students applied, connect with peers, get real-time notifications and news.

In the same time, for students, the app facilitated the updating of their personal info, connect with their recruiting agent, scan, upload and preview documents and browse institutions and accommodation options.

The Application Assistant Mobile App improved communication between students and their counselors, making it easy to access key information and keep track of the application’s status or potential bottlenecks.

Our clients needs and wants are our top priority. Which is why this success story maintains confidentiality while being concise. If you’re interested in learning more about our expertise in mobile development and the range of services we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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